Printable Comprehensive Medication Tracker

Having an up-to-date list of prescription medications is vitally important for understanding your overall health and expenses.

Your doctor or pharmacy may be able to provide a current list of your prescriptions. However, not all doctor or hospital records are integrated – and if you see a medical specialist that is not part of your healthcare network, those medications may not be listed.

Non-prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) medications like vitamins, pain relievers, gastrointestinal products, or supplements may also be missing from your record.

Download the form and print as many copies as you need. Fill it in, and include everything you take so your healthcare provider can review the list for problems, like drug interactions.

A complete list also lets you see any duplicated, or no longer necessary, medications, which can save you money. 

Always consult with your licensed medical professionals before making any changes to your medications. 

MediSafe App

MediSafe is a free medication tracker ranked #1 by pharmacists, physicians, and patients. You get personalized reminders for each of your medications – and you can stay connected to your caregivers through real-time missed medication alerts.

MediSafe App

GoodRx App

GoodRx is the #1 most downloaded app for comparing prescription pricing at local pharmacies. There is a free version with no sign-up required, and paid versions that offer additional discounts.

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Resources for Everyone

MAT Tool

Medicine Assistance Tool (MAT)

Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) and well-known biopharmaceutical companies have come together to create a search engine designed to help patients, caregivers, and health care providers learn more about the most up-to-date Brand Name co-pay cards and Patient Assistance Programs on the manufacturer’s website. It is an easy place to start if you know the brand name of the drug and who makes it.

Remember, programs and resources can and do change. If you looked months ago, check the site again to see if there may be a new offer for the medication you take. Not all pharmaceutical companies are members of PhRMA and not all programs by its members have links from this website.

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

Are you curious about clinical trials? Participating in a clinical trial may provide early access to new therapies while contributing to the greater good as a research participant. Often, study participants are paid a small stipend for time and travel.

Over 329,000. both publicly and privately funded clinical studies have been registered on The National Library of Medicine (NLM) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) website. It provides easy access to find studies for a wide range of diseases and conditions. As a government website, it does not host or receive funding from commercial entities. 

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State Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs

The Medicare site now has links to State Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs as well as Medicaid/Chip Programs. Typically the state-run programs have higher income limits or may offer a partial assistance option better than the Extra Help option offered by the Social Security Administration.

Search online for the assistance program in your state. For example: Use the internet to search “Rhode Island State Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs” to learn about RIPAE and the RI Rx Savings Card program. Not all states offer their own specific programs, but many do.

Seniors/Government Programs


The Medicare government website is getting easier to navigate every year. Just plug your drug names into their Find & Compare search tool to see which plans in your area offer the best coverage and at the least expensive cost or tier. Medicare Drug Plans formularies change every year, so do not assume that your Med D Plan will stay the same. My advice is to work backward. When the new plans open up in October, check your medications list for the most expensive drugs and find the plan that best fits overall for your prescription needs.

Social Security Administration

Extra Help with Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Costs is available for US residents who meet certain guidelines. To qualify, in 2023 combined assets of savings, investments, and real estate (excluding your home) may not be more than $9,090, if single or not living with a spouse, and $13,630 if married and living with a spouse. Form SSA-1020-INST provides instructions for completing the application. Many people are eligible for this benefit but do not know about it.

This newer web tool developed by The National Council on Aging ( is a robust web search engine with links to over 2,500 national and state programs – including Extra Help noted above. It is free, easy to use, and prescreens for additional benefits such as fuel assistance, food programs, and more.

Foundations/Non-Profits + Grants


NeedyMeds is an information source that links to thousands of programs that may provide assistance with costs It is a 501(c)(3) national nonprofit. They offer their own free drug discount savings card. Like other prescription savings cards, it is separate from your insurance plan and does not count toward your deductible. If an over-the-counter (OTC) medication or medical supplies are written on a valid prescription, a discount may be applied. This resource has a wealth of practical guides and allows for searches by diagnosis. They are a top-rated non-profit with excellent consumer reviews.

HealthWell Foundation

Based in Fredericksburg MD, this is a leading non-profit is dedicated to improving access to care for the underinsured. The site has links to grants and programs based on disease states, many of which are considered genetic and/or cancer-related. Grants and funding change frequently based on the status of donations. You may register to be notified if there is interest in a particular program that matches your need.

Patient Access Network Foundation

Based in Washington DC, this non profit has a focus to support people with chronic diseases, who despite health insurance cannot afford co-pays, co-insurance and costs of critical treatments. Funds are categorized by disease state.

Patient Advocate Foundation

A national nonprofit based in Hampton VA to help alleviate the financial burden of high copays. Eligible people have income at or below 300%-400% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Online applications for various disease-related medications can be made via their website by the physician, the pharmacist, or the patient/caregiver. Awards are for twelve months if approved.

The Assistance Fund

Based in Orlando Florida, this non-profit serves to offset high co-pays and out-of-pocket costs in 70 different diseases. The website clearly shows which funds are open, wait-listed, or closed for applications.


This is not an all-inclusive list of foundations and non-profits. if you find another resource please let us know. These have all made the list due to first-hand/second-hand experiences with successfully using their services or internet platforms. I also suggest that people reach out directly to local charities or the foundations that may raise money for awareness for a particular disease or condition. This may be especially useful for cancer, genetic diseases, HIV, asthma, diabetes, kidney, and heart disease.