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After working in the pharmaceutical industry for over 30 years, I decided that it was my turn to “Pay It Forward” by sharing my insights on the best ways to reduce your prescription medication costs.

Thank you for trusting me to help guide you.

Founder, Certified Medical Representative

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I so appreciated your help –
the information in the Personal Action Plan, the listening ear, the knowledge shared, and so much more. Thank you for offering this service. You are a natural.


Not even 5 minutes after I received your 7 Steps guide, I found a brand co-pay card that will save me $600 this year.

Rhode Island

Tricia provided a clear and concise analysis of my client’s current medication list and offered them some cost-saving alternatives. Great service!


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The Personal Action Plan is a custom, detailed done-for you plan, with all the steps you’ll need to save money on your specific prescription medications.

How I Found Medication
Savings for Parents: From $188 to $67 a Month

How I Helped a Teacher
Save $320 on Birth Control

How I Saved a Dad & His Daughter $845 a Year on Medications 💊💰

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